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"I absolutely adore my Sacred Circle bracelet and wear it every time I give psychic readings in public.."

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Space clearing is the term use to describe changing and shift then 'energy' of the space you are in. This could be emotional energy or the energy of the unseen.


It can be very powerful to have some custom space clearing tools, to shift that space quickly. While many people assume that bells, or singing bowls or sage or drums are the only methods for clearing space, using blades or wands is another method.


Because these items are created using the cycles of the moon ( from new to full), please plan your order in advance.


Tools are created to assist you in sending your new INTENTION of the kind of energy you wish to welcome into your space.




These beautiful small blades are created using a Chrome coated stainless steel base, and shimmering crystals, silver worked beads, and some handmade lamp worked beads.

At 7 inches long, they are the perfect size for working in small space, and for ritual work. They are excellent at cutting through stagnant energy or cutting cords to old energy ways of being; or the attachments that others have placed on you. They are programmed with your intention, and also the message from your guide for your to hold in your heart as you do work clearing and blessing work.


Phoenix Blade Owner:


"MY Phoenix Blade has

pride of place upon

my home altar. 

I have been a

practicing pagan

and energy worker

for almost forty years

and I have never

before had such

a powerful tool. 


Whether one is

engaged in space clearing,

protection, healing work or

any other kind of ritual,

the blade aligns

itself perfectly to intentions

and the energy

being raised. 

I love my Phoenix Blade!"


~ Dirce  Johnson,

Author and Mystic Gardener

Sweeping Changes

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Phoenix Blade Owner:

"I love my Phoenix Blade!  

Opting for LuAnn to create one for me with an intention of "clear communication", I was amazed at how right the blade felt when I took it into my hands.  

The blade and I were already connected.  Whilst I often use feathers for my space clearings, I did find that my Phoenix Blade called to be used, and was much more effective in clear stagnant areas that my feather was having trouble with.  I then found that the feather worked much better once I had used my blade.

 The Phoenix Blade is a wonderful space clearing tool, and I would highly recommend them to any one!"


-Terry Bowen,

Feng Shui Practitioner and Medium


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Yes, we can now all swish and flick!

Using a sweet wand feels lighter and more joyful that working with a blade. They are perfect for working with children who might be experience nightmares.

Order one to be created with your intention ( no reading included with wands). Or, order the Chakra series of 7 wands for $80.



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  "Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows"

                      - Denise Linn