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"Each piece that you've created is more meaningful than the one before.

The power that all three of them create is just amazing.


That's what I am

As well as filled with gratitude.



~ Laura

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When you order a Sacred Circles necklace, you know that it has been custom created for you. As a part of that custom creation, you can request specific intentions, colors or other symbolism to be included.




Our necklace line is designed to be creative, and allow you to create specific energy and intention by swapping out your necklace components as you wish.


Your Sacred Circles Necklace order process is the same as with a bracelet. You state your intention, and a Oracle Card Reading is done so that your guides and angels can deliver their message on how to approach your intention.


Collar style necklace with EMF protection. This one is programmed for Compassion!

When you order, the process begins with an Oracle Card reading - which is a message from your angel, spirit guide or other divine being who wants to assist you with your goal.

This messages will be a part of the small booklet that accompanies your necklace, and a part of the necklace's design.

This booklet also explains the symbolism behind your necklace and its creation.


You may choose which Oracle Card Deck is used to created your reading.


(See more about Readings)

Then, based on which necklace type and additional components  you might wish to incorporate, the design process begins.


All necklaces use the beautiful large hole Dione beads and components, as well as large hole natural gemstone beads. (If you collect PandoraŽ beads you may incorporate these into your necklace as well).


There are fewer beads used on the neckwear,  so each holes a specific meaning and reason why it was chosen.


There are neck collars (braided which is open at the ends and adjusts in size and shape to your neck) or flat ( with an expandable chain to go from 16" to 18"). Another option is a beautiful tassel end chain that is 32 inches in length and can be worn different ways. All are stainless steel with silver overlay.


After it's creation, your necklace spends some time soaking up it's programmed energy on an intention altar created for it.


It's then lovingly packaged, sometimes with gemstones pebbles to assist in holding it's energy, sometimes with incense or essential oils.


It's a perfect gift for someone you love, and for an empowerment items for yourself. It's a great way to launch a new phase of your life, such as a landmark birthday, new job,  or new phase of your life.

Necklace with SwarvoskiŽ components and magnetite beads to attract tranquility




Pendants can be create for men, using dog chain, and using any of the large holed natural stones or components for EMF protection and essential oils.




Other Components


There are other options available on your necklace order.


These would be Essential oil beads, and EMF pendants.

You can read more about these options on the HEALTH page.


You may also wish to order both a bracelet and a necklace with the same intention.


If you already own a necklace, you may order just component beads to add to your necklace.


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"Love's greatest gift is its ability to make

         everything it touches sacred."

                      - Barbara de Angelis