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What Sacred Circles

Customers Say

"I absolutely adore my Sacred Circle bracelet and wear it every time I give psychic readings in public.

It radiates a great feminine strength that helps support my all of my chakras and my soul every time I wear it--helping me feel that much more grounded and safe wherever I may be."

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While all items are created with powerful intention, you may also choose to add components that will assist in strengthening your health.





Our bodies are machines that run on their own frequencies. EKG's EEG's and all other wavelengths of our internal systems are what keep us running strong and healthy.


In the hundred of thousands of years of human evolution, our wavelengths where supported and strengthened by the wavelength of the natural world... sunlight, earth energy, the vibrant energy of the food and water consumed.


In our modern world, the convenience we have through electricity, strong buildings, and instant communication is powerful 'magic' in how our lives are improved. Yet, some of these modern ways are costing us our health.


In our modern world,  we encounter literally thousands of competing frequencies that may negatively influence our molecular functions. Current research shows that most significant among those negative influences are cellular phone and other communications frequencies as well as the electo-magnetic forces given off by such things as electric transmission lines and fluorescent light fixtures.

The effects of encountering errant or miscellaneous frequencies should be familiar to all of us. At one time or another, we've probably all been listening to a radio that wasn't quite tuned into the right frequency. While the words or music you were trying to listen to could still be heard, there was a lot of static and other, nearby frequencies were fading in and out, distorting the channel you were trying to enjoy. When, however, you finally tune accurately to the right channel, the interference goes away and the signal comes in loud and clear.

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Current items available:

Stainless steel with crystals.

Works best on a necklace or pendant

 $36 additional

Stainless steel with beautiful symbol.

Works as both a medallion and can be added to a bracelet of any size.

$25 additional



I must admit, I was not expecting the resonant pendant on my new necklace to really make much of a difference, but I was curious, because I work in an area surrounded by electronics all day.

It wasnít so much what I felt; it was what I didnít feel at the end of the day.

I didnít feel exhausted as if the life had been drained out me.

I actually felt good and had energy for the evening.

Now I wear it when ever I am sitting in front of a computer for long periods or in environments with a lot of electronics.

 It is attractive as well as protective, so I can wear it for dress if I need to.

One very small item that makes a very big difference.






Most people think of just the lovely concept of wearing a scent, but Essential oils have a powerful health benefit as well.


Most Essential oils  have medicinal properties, and the essential oils used in conjunction with our scent beads or in our sprays and perfumes are medical grade oils.


Essential oils can assist with flu prevention as they are naturally antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti bacterial.

(Read more about Essential oils and Essential oil sprays and perfumes available!)


LuAnn has trained in the use of essential oils in Chinese medicine and in their metaphysical properties as well.


Adding a scent bead to your bracelet or necklace allows you to bring this quality to your intimate space When you order a scent bead, you will also receive a customer blend of essential oils for use with your scent bead..


Scent bead & custom oil blend $25 additional



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"A gift consists not in what is done or given,

     but in the intention of the giver or doer.""

                      - Lucius Annaeus Seneca