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Sacred Circles Jewelry Owners


Energy Workers, Healers, Busy Professionals,

Stressed out moms...


are all Sacred Circles Jewelry owners. Here's what a few of them have to say


"I absolutely adore my Sacred Circle bracelet and wear it every time I give psychic readings in public.

It radiates a great feminine strength that helps support my all of my chakras and my soul every time I wear it--helping me feel that much more grounded and safe wherever I may be."

Jacquelyn is an Artist, Traveler, Psychic-medium, Folk-magic Practitioner in-training and Old Soul. Her background is in both the fine arts with a special concentration in printmaking and the history of decorative arts and design, with a focus on German 18th Century Palatial Interior Architecture and the history of Italian gardens which she studied within the graduate program at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in New York City. 


"Each piece that you've created is more meaningful than the one before. The power that all three of them create is just amazing.

Speechless - That's what I am - As well as filled with gratitude."

Laura P. Clark is a business owner and life coach offering programs with a unique blend of holistic related services. Including Feng Shui and Interior Alignment; Meditation; Dream & Soul-Wise Coaching and more. Combining a blend of holistic approaches from Feng Shui, Oracle Card and I-Ching Readings to working with affirmations and meditations, my goal is to work with you to help replenish, revitalize, and transform your life. Through this shift in energy, your personal perspective becomes one of "I Can" and "I am".


"My bracelet arrived today and I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much it's just perfect!!!!


I love reading your intentions in creating the bracelet for me......thank you so much!"


Felicia Messina-D'Haiti is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment© and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui, Gateway Dreaming™ Coach and Soul Coach. She is a graduate of one of the largest feng shui schools in the world and a Red Ribbon member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She is a contributing author in Soul Whispers III: Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams, to be published in the fall 2012. Through her business Soul Transformations, LLC, she has gained an international client base providing feng shui services for schools, classrooms, homes, home offices, businesses and holistic practices.


"LuAnn, the bracelet is stunning and so beautiful. The light reflects off the bracelet and is so elegant and shimmers.

Thank you Thank  you Thank you!!!


I may never take it off.

The message card and description of how you created this beautiful masterpiece was so inspiring and beautiful.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart- I am so appreciative for the

love you put into the bracelet. " 


Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Corporate Executive and Certified Cynthia Lake is a Business/Life/Dream/Soul Coach over the past 30-years. 30-years? Cindy created Time For Me Now in 2004. The initial focus was providing tools and messages to support taking better care of yourself and each other. Time For Me Now has taken Cindy's "behind the scenes" work to a place of dreams and aspirations, life and business coaching.


And More....


" I LOOOOOVE IT, and I love the way it was made ALL what you embodied in it.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much!  It fits very beautifully and comfortable"


~ Astrid




"Thanks so much for creating a special bracelet for me.

I appreciate the special care."






" I received the bracelet today!

It is stunningly


I plan to order

others very soon.

Thank you so much!
In joy, "

~ Eleanor


Phoenix Blade Owners:


"MY Phoenix Blade has pride of place upon my home altar.  I have been a practicing pagan and energy worker for almost forty years

and I have never  before had such a powerful tool. 


Whether one is engaged in space clearing, protection, healing work or any other kind of ritual,  the blade aligns  itself perfectly to intentions and the energy being raised. 

I love my Phoenix Blade!"


~ Dirce Johnson, is a Certified Interior Alignment Practitioner and life long mystic and energy work. Author and Mystic Gardener, Sweeping Changes



"I love my Phoenix Blade!  

Opting for LuAnn to create one for me with an intention of "clear communication", I was amazed at how right the blade felt when I took it into my hands.  

The blade and I were already connected.  Whilst I often use feathers for my space clearings, I did find that my Phoenix Blade called to be used, and was much more effective in clear stagnant areas that my feather was having trouble with.  I then found that the feather worked much better once I had used my blade.

The Phoenix Blade is a wonderful space clearing tool, and I would highly recommend them to any one!"


-Terry Bowen, is a Mystic, Spiritual Medium, Coach and Interior Alignment Practitioner.  He loves helping people to live the life they desire; using different modalities and techniques that he have learnt to help people create positive changes in their lives. Offering workshops and retreats in the UK, as well as personal one-to-one consultations, coaching and spiritual mediumship readings using his intuition to help people in their lives.



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  "Our Intention Creates our Reality"

                      - Wayne Dyer