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"LuAnn, the bracelet is stunning and so beautiful. The light reflects off the bracelet and is so elegant and shimmers.

Thank you Thank  you

Thank you!!!


I may never take it off.

The message card and description of how you created this beautiful masterpiece was so inspiring and beautiful.


Thank you from the

bottom of my heart-

I am so appreciative for the

love you put into the bracelet. " 

~ Cynthia



and I love the way it was made ALL what you embodied in it.


much!  It fits very

beautifully and comfortable"

~ Astrid


"Thanks so much for creating a special bracelet for me.

I appreciate the special care."




" I received the bracelet today! It is stunningly beautiful!! I plan to order others very soon. Thank you so much!
In joy, "
~ Eleanor

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When you order a Sacred Circles bracelet, you know that it has been custom created for you. As a part of that custom creation, you can request specific intentions, colors or other symbolism to be included.




Custom order bracelets are created with a combination of Sparkling Swarovski crystal beads, components and natural gemstones.


While you can of course request a bracelet to be of a certain color, you might wish to leave the color and other design aspect up to LuAnn, as a part of the design process.


The bracelets are created on a quality stretch material, so that no awkward clasps are needed to slip on your circle of power. This also means that your circle of energy continues to swirl at all times,

unbroken and unending.

When you order, the process begins with an Oracle Card reading - which is a message from your angel, spirit guide or other divine being who wants to assist you with your goal. The messages will be a part of the small booklet that accompanies your bracelet, and a part of the bracelets design.

This booklet also explains the symbolism behind your bracelet and its creation.

You may choose which Oracle Card Deck is used to created your bracelet. You may also choose to have a more in-depth reading, and this reading and journal book would accompany your bracelet order.

(See more about Readings)


After it's creation, your bracelet spends some time soaking up it's programmed energy on an intention altar created for it.


It's then lovingly packaged, sometimes with gemstones pebbles to assist in holding it's energy, sometimes with incense or essential oils.


It's a perfect gift for someone you love, and for an empowerment items for yourself. It's a great way to launch a new phase of your life, such as a landmark birthday, new job,  or new phase of your life.



While most of the Swarovski crystal bracelets are for women, there are also opaque and beautiful crystals for men's bracelets. It's suggested that 12mm stones be used.



Which is better 12mm, 10mm or 8 mm?

All are stunning...., pricing is different due to the cost of the materials.


12mm are great for men's bracelets or larger statement pieces for women. They are bold, and beautiful,.


10mm are gorgeous and attention getting. They can be hard to wear in an office setting where you are writing or typing with your wrist against the desk. ( you can easily slip it off and then back on) . For an evening out or power event, they are total eye candy!


The 8mm are glittering and glamorous, and work perfectly in all settings. They sparkle with the same intensity, and have the same love and attention lavished on them.


Other Components

There are other options available on your bracelet order. These would be essential oil beads, and EMF pendants. You can read more about these options on the HEALTH page.

You may also wish to order special symbolism, such as a totem animal or shape that is important to you. While not all of these requests are possible, it never hurts to ask!


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The following is an example of a reading...

This would be in a small booklet

accompanying the bracelet.


The goddess who lends her energy

To this special power bracelet:




Her special message is

NO need to force or hurry things. Everything is happening in perfect timing!


Nurturing a relationship is a

long term commitment and

one that canít be rushed.


This level of devotion comes

from a place of

deep loving and concern.

Itís means being

willing to stick with

a loved one through

thick and thin.



This unbroken circle of power was created specifically for you. The Swarovski crystal beads and colors arrangement were chosen to represent the

qualities and gifts wished for you.
It resonates with the power of

deep yin energy, and the power of love, peace and harmony.

The sparking rose crystals radiate with the energy of deep and compassionate love. Itís the energy that is romance and also deep caring. They are arranged in a series of 6, to bring in the energy of home, beauty and family.


 The shimmering clear crystals represent those moments in your life, that you know you are living in your truth..........




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  "Our Intention Creates our Reality"

                      - Wayne Dyer