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             inherited her loved of rocks and stones.


Her grandfather and uncle were rock collectors, and she loved the hunks of turquoise and granite, quartz and polished river stones equally, as all held the power of nature within them.


Later, she studied gemology and read countless books on the magical and healing properties of gemstones.

And she loved collecting jewelry that was unique and handmade. Or sparkling. Or unusual. Ok - she just loved collecting jewelry!


She found the certain pieces were her favorite, and would wear them based on how they made her feel at work that day. Some made her feel like being quiet and thoughtful. Some were better on days where she had to be dynamic.


Denise Linn and LuAnn in Las Vegas for the Hay House I Can Do It conference

After 20 years of working in the corporate world, she studied Interior Alignment®, the Feng Shui and Sacred Space system created by best selling author and speaker Denise Linn.


She understood more about the power of objects, and how they can enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

She created her first bracelets for family and friends, using semi-precious gemstones, to give the wearer the insight, health, or clarity that she knew they desired.


Her friends and family LOVED their intentional jewels, and wore them all the time,  They found that these pieces created in love in with a sacred passion, 'felt different' than their other jewelry.


LuAnn went on to study more about Essential oils, Color Therapeutics, and become certified as a Soul Coach, Master Oracle Card Reader, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner® and in Fashion Feng Shui® Each of these topics lead to to enrich her jewelry creations with layers on meaning and symbolism, and power for the wearer.


In addition to creating jewelry, LuAnn is the owner of

Inner Harmony Feng Shui providing feng shui and sacred space consultations and intuition coaching on a full time basis since 2002. She loves helping people find their joy and love their home.

She also is an Interior Alignment® Master Educator, and offers certification programs and workshops on these topics that she loves. Her graduates live all around the world.

All of these practices are a part of the creation and design of a Sacred Circles item.

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  "Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows"

                      - Denise Linn